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One of the main tools that sets Gulf Coast apart is our double-shuttle thermoformer. This vacuum-forming over has 90 separate heating zones that allow for uniform heating of the acrylic. This produces better quality shells. Without this technology, spa shells can be heated unevenly causing stress in some areas and future unpredictability.


Gulf Coast's skilled engineers operate under a zero defect policy. Some of the key strategies they implement to bring you a premium product include:

  • Bench testing of all third-party components such as motors, pumps, blowers, ozonators, heaters and spa packs
  • 18 water test stations so spas can be filled and operated for a minimum of 45 minutes
  • Robotic shell forming, maneuvering, trimming and jet porting
  • Six sigma parts (commonly defined as 3.4 defects per million opportunities)
  • Interdepartmental policies and procedures in accordance with ISO 9001 standards to ensure consistency at all levels of operation

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