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Perfect Water

Perhaps the most important part of your spa is the water clarity. Like any appliance, what you put in it has a direct effect on its performance. Gulf Coast has a simple, innovative four-part water management system intended to simplify water maintenance, protect the internal spa components and ensure safety for all bathers.


1. AquaClara Pre-Filter
Before anybody ever sets foot in your spa, the AquaClara Pre-Filter treats the water. This easy-to-use filter attaches to your garden hose and removes metals, chlorine and other contaminants.

2. Filtration Process
All Gulf Coast Luxury Series spas contain multiple filters for up to 150 square feet of filtration. Combined with the floating weir gate that drops during filtration cycles, debris remains trapped in the filtration canister away from the clean water inside the spa.

3. Ozonator
A compact corona discharge spa ozone generator is standard in all Gulf Coast spas and helps sanitize the water without using chemicals.


4. AquaClara Natural
Gulf Coast's exclusive enzyme-based water management system contains powerful cleansers that break down oils, body lotions and other unwanted contaminants, dissolving them harmlessly and eliminating the cause of unsightly scum and foam. contains pure organic compounds that are naturally attracted to contaminants and minerals in the water. Solid contaminants clump together into larger particles that get swept up and caught in the filter where they belong. The natural flocking action keeps your water crystal-clear for up to two months.

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